noise before the song


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hey how do you guys get no noise before your song starts, im using soundforge 4.5. i go right out of my board and into my computer through the mic input. i record right onto soundforge and i use the insert silence but i still get some noise. ive never gotten any mastering done professionally, do you think that would help? and speaking of mastering does it make your mix sound that good, i mean can you here a real difference like the finalizer does. thanks, for all replies.
In Sound Forge, highlight the section you want silenced. Then go to your tools and use the mute option. Simple as that.

I have a Finalizer and although it is a good piece of equipment, I have found it a bit overrated.
so, fishmed have you ever had any of your recordings professionally mastered and if so does it make a great difference?
I have not had any of my mixes mastered professionally. Most of my clients do not have that kind of money. If they did, they would not come to me to record... at least not now. I have marketed my studio for those who cannot afford the big time. As the quality of my skills and equipment increase so will my price and clients. I am just taking it slow and easy. After all, it is just a hobby for me.

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