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Ok here goes,
I am recording or trying to, from my cassette deck wich is hooked up to my pc.
At first I had the line out left and right
from my deck going to my pc line in sound
card with a y adapter joining the L/R prongs
from the deck. I didnt realize the adapter at the end had only one ring on it. I was getting sound and playback after recording but through only one speaker. Then someone here emailed me and told me to try an adapter with two rings, it worked, I am getting sound during recording through both
speakers but no sound during playback after
recording. I am using Goldwave latest shareware version. It appears there is recording going on because the L/R bars in
Goldwave are moving. But silence when I play
what I recorded back. Right now I am only
recording a minute or so for testing. When I
first started all this I had adapter hooked into the sound cards mic port. Way too much distortion but at least it was recording. DO
I have a faulty sound card? Bad connectors,
or am I just an idiot :) Here is what I have
for specs:
sound card=yamaha 0PL3-SAx WDM
Software= Goldwave 4.02
connectors= standard w/y adaptor w/ 2 rings
not sure if it's 1/8" but they are standard
P.C= 266 mhz 96 meg ram. Win 98
Thanks one and all.

Do you see waveforms appearing as you record?
If you don't, the sound card is not receiving the input from your cassette deck. You said that you were previously using your "mic in" as the input. When you switched, did you select "line in" as your recording source in your soundcard software? I know that in the SBLive I have you can only select one input source at a time to receive and record the audio signal. I assume that this true with any two channel soundcard.


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