No midi output in Ableton Live 11 Lite


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Hello, I posted this to the Ableton forum a couple days ago, but that forum doesn't appear to be very active, so thought I'd try here. I can't seem to get my Oxygen 49 midi keyboard to produce output - to play sound in Ableton Live 11 Lite. When I press a midi key the Ableton input level meter moves showing that midi input is getting from the Oxygen to Ableton. But I hear no midi output sound, just silence. I do hear the output of some audio (non midi) tracks I recorded in Ableton a few days ago. So I do get audio output in Ableton. Just not midi audio output. The Oxygen output works OK on another laptop/DAW. The Oxygen 49 appears to be recognized in the Ableton Preferences\Midi Ports Input and Output fields (see photos below), but not in the Control Surface field. The only Oxygen 49 I can choose in the Control Surface field is Oxygen 49_61 device, which may be a different midi keyboard from my older plain vanilla Oxygen 49 midi keyboard. Also, I have armed the 1 Midi Track in Ableton. So I thought that was all I had to do to hear midi input from the Oxygen within Ableton. But all I'm hearing is silence when hitting the midi keys of Oxygen keyboard. I feel like I'm missing a simple setting in Ableton (I used to use Garageband, so I'm new to Ableton). I'm using a Windows 10 laptop, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 via USB as audio interface, Oxygen 49 midi keyboard via USB. If anyone has a suggestion/tip, or pointer to a url, please feel free to enlighten me. Thank you.


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