Newbie's question on used analog gear

Cliff K

New member
Hi folks, I'm new to this forum (I was refered here by a helpful soul at the TDPRI Telecaster forum), but I'll probably be spending a lot of time here if I buy this gear--this seems like a good place!
I met a guy who's selling an old Fostex A-8 1/4" 8-track tape machine and a Tascam M-308B mixing console, $300 for both. They look old but appear to be in working condition. I really don't know much about these, but the price seems like it it might be a good deal and a cheap way to get into home recording. Has anyone used either of these, are they any good, does the price seem fair? Any feed back is greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot, folks!
It sounds like a fair price... but I'd bet the heads are worn. 8 tracks on 1/4" tape, these units were never considered "Pro" gear. But it would be a great start for anyone getting into recording. The amount of discipline required to rewind a reel to reel, and thread tape, and cut and splice...etc. It will make you a better player. because you will not want to do a hundred takes!


Dom Franco
I agree. Buy the deck and mixer for the following reason: It's not new. You can turn around and resell it for a minimal loss, whereas new equipment would never resell for even 75% what you paid. Plus, it's good stuff. The person selling it probably gets Musicians' Friend catalogs every week and can't resist the urge to upgrade and pay the salaries of people who don't record music. I'm guessing there. Some of them might be nice. Still, it's your money. Maximize it.