Newbie needs help- building a PC based recording studio

Kris Cross

New member
I have been looking for information on building a simple home recording studio for voice recording. I plan on making books on tape, voice overs, comertials, and other audio recordings. I have an idea of what i would need. I think a simple "booth" design with enough room for 1 or 2 people inside would do.
I know a little about recording. I used to work at a local radio station, but when i was getting into learning about the tec. end of it the station was sold. they now do canned radio. :(
I will be using my PC for the recording, editing, and storing of created media.
basicaly, i just need some ideas on a simple and very cheap recording room.
Check this out

I'm not saying go out and buy this ... but it is a cool idea. I bet you can make something similar to this out of particle board, 2x2s, insulation, weatherstripping and foam without breaking the bank too much. The configuration I'm looking at is in the bottom-right picture on this pdf.
It may be enough isolation to do what you want to do and you wouldn't need to worry about ventilation, wiring, etc...
Anyway, just a thought.