New Toy - DIYAC RM-5 ribbon mic


I void warranties
With some time off from work, I have been able to find my DIY mojo again, and work through a few audio construction projects.

DIY Audio components (DIYAC) produce a hand-crafted ribbon mic, the RM-5. This mic has had some very favorable reviews, and retails at €295.

A few months ago, DIYAC received a batch of mic bodies with a minor machining error. Rather than ditch the bodies and lose money, they decided to package up some kits using those bodies plus a ribbon motor and xlr connection.

I ordered two. Unfortunately, the kits were quite popular, and DIYAC ran out of the incorrectly machined bodies. So I received perfect bodies instead :listeningmusic:

The RM-5 comes standard with an Edcor transformer. Just for the heck of it, I bought a couple of Cinemag 1:37 transformers.

The mic sounds really nice, at least on spoken voice testing. Very smooth, warm and un-hyped. The cost, including transformers and postage was under AU $150 per mic.

There are plenty of audio samples for this mic. Here's one (not my work, I'm just linking to it).


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