New Tascam 24 track

Jim Marquard

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Anybody have any info on the New MX2424 (I think)? I've seen it in Musician's Friend for $3000 and I'm just curious what other types of equipment are needed--like mixer, optional cards, etc. Even though this is fairly expensive, the ability to buy a single unti and 24 tracks of 24bit recording sounds, well, WOW. The Tascam site had nothing about it. A little info was found at the Sweetwater site but not much detail.

thanks, Jim
Hey Jim, there is a whole big thing about it on the Tascam site.

You might want to try a search of articles on Harmony That's were I saw it, and there's a link to Tascam's site.

It looks like Musician's Friend is about a thousand bucks under manufacturer's suggested retail (according to the Tascam website).
Echoing CMiller, yeah, there is plenty of info about it on TASCAM's website.

It is a 24 bit 24 trk hard disk recorder, so you will still need a mixer. It is not an "all in one" type of recorder like the Roland VS stuff.

Thanks for the info, especially the tascam site. I looked this stuff last week and couldn't find anything, this week--oops, there it is.

Thanks again, Jim