New Talk Back Microphone....


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I work for an electrical contractor and we were going through one of our storage sheds today. My boss has a habit of keeping anything and everything from old installations. I came across a box with some old intercom/broadcast gear. This Shure mic was buried in with some other misc gear. I am sure it isn't going to sound all that great (it has a roll off at 300hz)but for a talk back mic, it LOOKS pretty cool haha. Anyone ever used one of these? It's a model #444 ...I bet it might be good for doing some Lo-fi effects. I'll plug it up in a bit and see what the deal is.


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Adam P

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I have a similar model Shure "principal's mic". It does work nicely as a talkback. I most recently used mine as a talkback mic for my drummer so that the mic wasn't constantly picking up his playing but he could press to talk.