New Strat for me...


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Just picked this up yesterday...00-01 American Fat Strat Texas Special. Plays like butter. First American for me, been more a Les Paul player until now. I love this thing.



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Sweet guitar.I picked up two guitars more last month, one a MIM strat. I had forgotten the tone you can get out of these things. Definitely not disappointed.


Cosmic Cowboy
Not really a Strat guy...kinda always been more partial to Teles on the single coil side, though mostly a humbucker player...
...but that's a sweet looking Strat. I like that kinda "neutral" color look.


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nice... hot rod series very cool, kind of Custom Shop born. "hot rodded" :guitar:

FUZZFACE lists yours as an actual :

American Fat Strat Texas Special - Fuzzfaced

Version 1: Lone Star Strat (1996 - June 2000) - original guitar based on the American Standard Strat with Texas Special single coils and Duncan Pearly Gates Plus. Special colors and either a white pearloid or a shell pickguard depending on color.

Version 2: American Series Fat Strat Texas Special (July 2000 - July 2003) - receives all upgrades associated with the American Series (rolled neck, staggered height tuners, 1 string tree, etc) but still has the Texas Specials and Duncan Pearly Gates. Still has special colors and pearl or shell pickguard.

Shoreline Gold …. very good buy! Congrats! enjoy...