New Strat Build - Problem Solved


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I recent Strat type build I did had a weird sound problem. It had a sort of "acoustic overtone" in every switch position. I thought it might be the pups I chose so I changed them and the problem really didn't get solved.

I had locked down the trem / bridge with 5 springs and by screwing the trem spring holder as tight as I could. The body is very hard and heavy ash. In reading about the problem one guy mentioned that the springs might be giving a sympathetic vibration. I opened up the back cover and I could actually tap a couple of the springs and get distinct lasting tone. I cut and put 4 rubber strips in between the springs and.....well.....problem solved.

Just my 2 cents worth of...well...maybe everyone knows this......but I didn't.



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There is a specific set up for the trem claw.

Great. You got it by tightening as much as you could..

Hey man, check the small saddle tension springs too. They vibrate and can be heard. Run a piece of string or something through them to stop it.



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Congrats! I had a mean buzz which appeared suddenly on an acoustic. Nothing was changed.. no new strings or any adjustments had been made recently. After some methodical trial and error, I found a tuner key head screw had backed itself out. One less-than-a-turn snug fixed that problem.


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I have another Strat (that one is genuine) that's also blocked up and spring tightened like crazy...with 5 springs and screws very far in......but do not have the same issue with that one. I tested the springs and there was no detectable (by ear anyway) harmonic tone of any sort. I guess the spring material and or overall tension is the key. I also think the super hardness of the ash body helped to facilitated the sympathetic vibration that transferred to the extra heavy metal trem assembly and onto the strings. A softer wood and lighter trem assembly might have less of an effect.....but a different tone as well.

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