New Rap/HipHop Mr. ROUSH - "EVOLON"


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Antidote... Thanks very much! You know I've spent over 12 years now recording and mixing vocals.. A few of the most important things I have learned are; 1. Source sound is hugely important. Optimizing your vocal chain to sound its best will gain you a lot of ground. Effects added after the fact should just be for polish and effect. If you track out your vocals and you don't think they sound good before adding the effects.. then there's an issue that needs to be addressed before you even think about the mix.

2.. the beat... if the beat doesn't sound right.. the mix and the song won't either.. if you're recording to lower quality beats.. you will be mixing your vocals to match that low quality.. and that can be very problematic..

3 the mix.. every track needs unique attention based on how well all of the source sounds are playing together. It is difficult to give tips in this area as it will change from one song to the next. There are a lot of general tips on technique that are very helpful.. youtube is your friend. You can get a visual a long with the explanation.. just be careful.. lot of bad advice out their too.. this raises another point on source sound.. if the plugins don't seem responsive.. this is another indication that your source is where the main problem is.. the plugs sound much better and are more responsive when the source is right.. so if you make a change on any given setting and the results are nothing similar to what others are getting making the same change.. go back to the source..

4 mastering.. the mastering chain on this particular song is really what brought the vocals to life.. I used ozone 4 and I love that plug.. the eq can REALLY make things sound the way you want!

Well that's just a few quick tips... I still consider myself and amateur and barely qualified to give advice, but I hope this is helpful.. if you have more specific questions sometime.. email me at always glad to share.. thanks again.