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New to the forum? Say hello, tell us a little about your self. Meet the gang :p

Welcome to HomeRecording Forum! :guitar:
Hey guys prateev here been recording on songs playing ukulele or piano for some months now jow upgrading my equipment so thinking about building a small budget homestudio and thats what brings me here


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Hello everyone! I am glad I found this place.I am hoping to pursue singing and want to pick up recording tips here.
I am exciting to meeting new people and hopefully everyone here can help me as I am very new at all of this.

Ted McGrath

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Hi all, I've just signed up. I'm 49 years old. I've been playing music since I was 14. I got into some basic home recording in my early 20s when I acquired a Tascam cassette portastudio. But my efforts were put on hold when the real world got in the way in the shape of a mortgage and kids. However, now that my kids have grown I recently acquired a Tascam DP32 SD so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things. Looking forward to tapping into the advice and experience of this community.


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I am Sven from Munich - i mainly play guitar, but love also sitting in my homestudio and produce songs ( alternative rock).
Beside producing songs, i have also discovered the filming of my music projects.



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Hi all, Bob from Ohio here. Haven't spent time on a profile but will hopefully get a chance to soon. Just joined as I enjoy all things audio, both professional and home settings. I love recording on site and also at home though have not spent nearly as much time with either as I wish I could. Even at 61, life likes to have its way...still :-) As a drummer I always enjoyed the performing side but love all things behind the board as well. Very much into anything hi-fi, most of the audio I have at home is essentially vintage, which seems all the rage now. The difference being I've had most of mine all along going back 45 years. Back in the '90's when everyone was getting rid of their LP's ( I hate the term "vinyl") I kept all of mine and bought a good bit of theirs when they were almost given away compared to now. Far more than I could ever listen to if I played 5 LPs a day for the next 20 years. I love analog but also am fond of CD's and acknowledge many can sound excellent, but since the mid-to-late '90's its certainly a sad reality its become a crap shoot. Still have a Pioneer RT-1011L reel-to-reel, a couple nice 3-head cassette decks, three Pioneer CT-F9191's (not about performance, though very good they're just a class deck that's close to my heart) as well as a Yamaha MTR MD4 Minidisc 4-track, and for crying out loud, I still have a full quadraphonic system. I love audio restoration work and do spend time when I can restoring and re-mastering live recordings for posterity among other things. Most of my time outside of work (no longer audio related) is spent with either my grandkids and family but mostly with my 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Onyx. He's not a pet but my best friend.

I'm looking forward to meeting with you guys and gals as I'm sure to enter into a wealth of knowledge the community here. Hopefully I can contribute to that in some way so thank you for having me :-)


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I have been away from HR.COM for about a decade. It seems as if the site has changed a bit.

I used to be the Moderator of the Hip-Hop Forum.

I am doing a lot of music production, sound engineering, dj'ing, and tutoring (my wife is a music producer and deejay).

I want to carve-out and create some time to help infuse some more energy & accumulated knowledge (wisdom) with the Hip-Hop / DJ Forum, (in all actually, a few Forums).

I just wanted to share with the site that I am back here @ HR.COM. :-)

Peace, Love, and Music...



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Hello everyone

I already posted a problem thread earlier so I thought it would be rude not to jump in here and introduce myself…

So I am a happy amateur – meaning there are many things I enjoy immensely but I am really quite rubbish at … playing guitar, playing piano, playing bass and all things computer-based home recording.

I am an engineer to trade (note not a sound engineer) so self-confessed techy nerd and love finding out about new stuff and new tech. I was born a long time ago, so I grew up listening to the classic studio records of our times, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Free, etc. etc. etc.……

I am just continually amazed that we can have studio grade multitrack recordings at our fingertips on computers…. I love it….

Anyway, I have a demanding jobs that eats up loads of my time so I only really get to dip in and out but still, music and tech are the only hobbies I have so it keeps me sane when all the other stuff is going nuts….

Very pleased to have stumbled on this forum and looking forward to being part of the community…..

I live in Korea and work all over the Asia-Pacific area….. well in normal times… not much travel going on lately…..

Anyway – hello to you all!


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Hey All!
I am new to this forum.

I have been playing music professionally for 30+yrs and am now getting back into writing and recording.
Things have come a LONG way in that time and I look forward to learning from this forum!
I have some solid equipment already.



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New to the forum? Say hello, tell us a little about your self. Meet the gang :p

Welcome to HomeRecording Forum! :guitar: I am Betsy Wellings. I made a very polished home recording in 1996 and have many more songs yet to finish and release. I used a blackface ADAT and now need to go digital. My genre is folk (fused with other styles), not by default, but because that is what speaks to me and runs through me. Betsy Wellings Top Tracks on youtube is an upload of my album, Down to Earth. I am not telling you so much to promote myself as to give you a feel for my music. So many folk artists keep it way simpler than I do.


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Hey everyone,

My name is Simon, aka DrNomis_44, I just recently joined the forum and thought it would be cool to introduce myself, okay then, I'm in the process of building a small music-production studio in a spare bedroom in my flat, I've managed to get a few pieces of studio together, I'll give you a list of what studio-gear I have shortly.

I'm into producing Psychedelic Trance, Goa Trance, and Dub Reggae in my little studio.

Okay, here's a list of my studio gear:

* Windows Desktop PC with a Core i5-2500 3.3Ghz Quad Core CPU, running Windows 10 64 Bit 21H1.
* Daw software....Ableton Live 10 Standard 64 Bit, FL Studio 20 All Plugins Edition, Reason 10, Reaper, Audacity, Sundog Song Studio, And Some Native Instruments Software.
* Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Firewire 400 audio interface.
* Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface.
* X2 Scarlet CM25 Condenser Mics.
* Akai MPk49 Midi Controller Keyboard.
* Ableton Push 1.
* Novation Launchpad.
* Novation Launchpad Mini.
* Native Instruments Maschine Mikro, plus software that comes with it.
* Tascam M-520 20Ch Analog Studio Mixing Desk.
* Allen & Heath Icon DP1000 Digital Mixer.
* X2 Audioline 15W Powered studio Monitors.
* X2 Precision Audio 400W 8 Ohm P.A. Speakers.
* X2 Perreaux 6000C 300W Stereo Pro Mosfet Power Amplifiers.
* X2 ARX SS1200VC Stereo P.A. Power Amplifiers (Currently not working, need fixing).
* X1 ARX Six-Gate Rackmount Unit.
* X1 DBX 166XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate Rackmount Unit.
* Some Guitars and amps.
* X1 Yamaha PSR S550 Keyboard.
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Hello, boys and girls,

I am Easy and I have always been in love with recording since the cassette days. I bought a TASCAM pocketstudio digital 4 track just because the nostalgia for my old analog 4 track and it is great. I setup a page in facebook for my own studio it is called EASY RECS and you can follow me if you click here. Please support me.

You can also ask me stuff about recording and maybe I can help you figure out stuff. I also enjoy making music and writing lyrics.

P. S. This website was the first one I visited on Internet back in the days! I remember there was a section tab for home studio pictures!

Happy Recordings,



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Hi! I'm Dragongirl! I want to be audio book voice actor. I'm as new as new can get. Like buying equipment on Amazon but not sure if its the right stuff kinda new😬. This is a completely different path for me, but I want it even though I'm terrified.


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Hi, I'm Jan and I've just joined the forum. I've been writing songs almost all of my life and I've gone through various recording stages. I started out in '97 recording straight into a cassette recorder but quickly bought a Tascam portastudio 4-track. A few years later I just recorded straight into a cheap computer microphone. In '07 I switched to a Boss digital recorder and a bit later started to use Nuendo and Cubase for my recordings. I've learned a lot about recording. mixing and mastering throughout the years, especially with the help of several Sound on Sound articles and books. My songs vary from indie rock, indie folk to ambient electronic music. The 'lo-fi' moniker was taken over by hip-hop composers in recent years but I still adhere to its original intention in guitar based music: it's all about the songs and not the sonic quality. I love the occasional use of noise, tape hiss and using low fidelity taped sounds etc. to add to the emotional vibe of a song. Experimentation and spontaneity is key imho. I hope to find out and learn more on this forum and meet fellow composers maybe to even make a record together!


Hi, Trichter here from Germany.
I've been playing various kinds of instruments (bassoon to guitar) for more than 20 years now, but always in a non-professional way. Thanks to covid (😕) I recently found the time to start recording some instrumental tracks on a Tascam DP24 and ended up here to get comments/suggestions on how to improve.