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Hey all, just joined today. Glad to find you. I'm pushing 80 (one more year) but still playing in a band. Course were knocked out of gigs since covid hit. In the mean time were working on new material and I'm the guy who's tasked with mixing and recording the tracks to distribute so everyone can work up their lines. I'm a percussionist for the group and been going at it since 1970 in the SF Bay area. From California by the way (you may have guessed that). I use a R16 for our recordings and have used it for about 6 years. Today I ran into a new problem and I'm hoping some of you might have a thought or two. I was recording my conga tracks (using a Sure M57) on one channel while the overall mix was playing from a different channel. It all sounded fine until I played it back. The recording of my drums played a VERY slow speed. I tried to do it again but got the same results. I'm not terribly sophisticated at using the R16, but I can't figure what's going on. I googled/ducked the s**t out of it but came up empty. I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks.


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Hi Kid, I am another old 'un here but you have 4 years on me. I have a life long interest in music and recording and am a retired electronics tech but mostly analogue and valves at that. There are many here much more digitally cute than I but I do know you can only have that speed problem if you have your sampling rate knickers in a twist somehow.

If you dump the track into a PC/DAW as a .wav I am sure someone here can tell you how to re-sample it.



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Hey Conga Kid,

Sorry I missed this one earlier. I use the R24, and haven't ever had that type of problem. I've never tried this, but you can set the BPM for each track. Thats used for the time stretching.

If you are doing the recording to the R16's memory card, then you are limited to 44.1kHz sample rate. The only variable is 16 or 24 bits, which shouldn't affect the speed. If you are using the R16 as an audio interface and recording in a DAW, then you could have some issues with sample rates not matching.

What process are you using for this recording?