New Free Drum Sampler from pipelineaudio


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for Windows 32 and 64 bit VST,
OSX VST and OSX Audio Units

up for free now at KMS Drums »

Please follow the instructions and let me know any issues ASAP

So this is pretty simple. Seven mics with level controls on the kick, snare and toms (4 tom set), five mics with level controls on the hat, ride, crashes, china and splash

8 veloctiy levels by 8 levels of round robin

16 outputs.

Mapping and routing are on the page and also in the Ulitlity Pack
Pardon my ignorance, but as a 64 bit Reaper user in Win 7, what exactly should I be downloading?

The Utility Pack and the Win 64bit VSTi files only?
Ah... that makes sense... I was thinking that at total size of under 1 mB you'd made a quantum leap in file compression! But that's just the interface, I assume...

Downloading.... hoping to find an easier way to get a decent snare sound from the labyrinthine process I have follow in Addictive...

I was having trouble downloading it the other day... probably my network... but have just downloaded all the files now, so assuming I have the latest version. Probably won't get to install until the weekend though..

Cheers!:thumbs up:
itll be easy downloads from now on. Hopefully adding mutes and solos in the next few days to make things a bit more convenient