new Bats Brew album out now: "Elemental"


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It’s a collection of free feeling and imagination... and a celebration of guitar.
i ran with a little bit of everything, and tried to make every adventure pay off.

different than the previous 4 Bats Brew albums, this is all instrumental.

to describe the songs, upfront they are rock and roll... but have a vibe like old school deep cuts, the whole album is paced to listen to from front to back, and take a trip inside your head, somewhere maybe you haven't been before.

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if you don't like big brother: Direct from Bats Brew via PAYPAL:
email me:
i'll hook you up with digital downloads,mp3 to high def.
$7.00 any file type.

i'll post some tunes from the album:

please support your virtual local musician! :)
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i used a lot of the comments from my posting of the demos over the last few months, for this album, to get to the final product.
it was great bouncing ideas off of people, it helped me focus on certain things, having that feedback.

interesting recording note:
the guitars and bass tracks on all the songs of this album, were done using a Strymon Iridium, direct into interface.

just because


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for the guitar/bass geeks,
here is the entire guitar/bass rig for the album:

direct rec rig.jpg

plus the pedals...


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After your posting of recordings from the Strymon, I've been thinking about grabbing one. I saw one show up on the local Craigslist... lasted about 30 minutes. By the time I sent him an email, it was gone, gone, gone! Dang!


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yea, you almost never see these guys for sale used.

i just bought mine directly from strymon,
kept out the middle man,
trymon gets all the cash,
they sent it to me in 2 days after i ordered it.


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another tune off the album;
Apollo 18: the Gemini, and then the Apollo missions that ran thru the 60’s to the 70’s, was an amazing time in my mind; Apollo 18 would have traveled to the Copernicus Crater, but it never happened, and the Apollo program was retired. A bittersweet melody runs thru this song, as the ending of the Apollo program was just as bittersweet.