New Axe !


Well, sort of...
I have a buddy in Canada who's been looking for a new guitar, and there's so much available down here on Craigslist, that I've been keeping my eye out.
Well, I just got him his new guitar - a '94 US Ultra Strat.
Flame maple cap(s) on alder, Ebony board w/ MOP markers, LSR roller nut, Floyd Rose II bridge, with all Gold Lace Sensors (I also have the old blue, silver and red LS pups which were replaced). A couple very small nicks, but hardly noticeable.
Very awesome guitar - I am in love. Plays like a dream, and the tonal possibilities seem endless compared to a standard SSS (or even HSS) strat. You can split the rear pup into HB or single front/rear with the 3 way switch, then combine this with the 5 way switch. The 5 way middle position is neck and bridge. It's also got the TBX tone control to roll off treble or bass.
I am enjoying it until I have to send it to him, or he picks it up. Here's to hoping that's later, rather than sooner ...


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that is gorgeous, like a fool i passed up on buying one of these back in the day. The strat plus ultra is so damn sexy looking and plays great


Well, I have just been advised that my friend has received this guitar, and the word is ..... Awesome.
I am so happy, as it was pretty great to have in my possession for a few days.
Gonna have to get one for myself. The ebony FB was quite the treat - I wasn't the biggest strat fan, but this guitar sure showed me a different side of strats that I'd never experienced before. And the tone options were much more varied. Definitely a better guitar than most.
Sorry it's gone, but pleased that Steve has a new baby.

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Nice guitar! I've never handled a Floyd Rose II trem, only the original one. Funny how close Fender's "two point fulcrum trem" looks like that one, though. :) A strat with maple over alder, ebony fretboard...yeah, man. :guitar: