New and confused (br 800}


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Hi everyone. Just got hold of a br 800. The seller formatted the sd card so I went to the Boss download page. Download ther info and copy/pasted it to the card. Guess something went wrong as I cannot find the demo song. Please can anyone give me advice? Thanks.
Thanks for your help. Getting frustrating here. Gone through the procedure a number of times with the same result. When I go for the demo, all I see is song0001. Even tried a factory reset. I am using win 11 if that helps. When I downloaded it to the sd card, I expanded it and got song0001 bro, song0002 bro, and DISKIFO2 bro. Does that help? Also opening the sd on the pc, there was a lot of data. Thanks for your patience.
When you're moving files, don't worry about those SONG0001.BRO, SONG0002.BRO, DISKINF2.BRO items - they are the songs, but you can't just move them over to the SD.. you need to move the complete "ROLAND" Folder (songs are inside this folder) to the SD. The included PDF "How To.." (under the "ROLAND" Folder) gives a more detailed procedure.

Moving the individual files won't do it... you must move the whole folder with the files in it.

Assuming no hardware problems, this should be possible as long as the exact procedure is followed.
Thanks very much for your reply. The file downloads and I expanded it. I think that is right. There seems to be 3 files. I then copy and paste to the card. Open it and there is quite a lot of data. Insert into the recorder.Is that correct please?
After expanding the .zipped folder, please read the PDF instructions. This will explain how to connect the BR-800 to your PC and what to do after the file has been expanded.
Just to say thanks. I came across an instruction that made it clear. I was not aware that I had to link the recorder to the computer. Must admit that the demo song has got me eager to get started.
Many times the user manuals I see here in the U.S. have been translated from the Japanese language into English, and quite often "exact" steps in some procedures have been omitted or otherwise made unclear. The procedure for restoring the SD card's factory settings is slightly different between the "How to.." on Roland's support page as compared to the procedure shown in the downloaded PDF file. There seems to be a little missing from each, but using the two of them together seems to provide the complete procedure.

I'm glad you figured it out and got what you needed. Thanks for hanging in there and good luck with your music :guitar:
I'm sure that you're aware of these facts. I would be remiss to at least not mentioning.

The BR800 can be used as an audio interface, with effects. Also may be used as a control surface as well.