Need some SERIOUS!!! help with Akai MPK mini


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Okay, for starters let's get the two cliché's out of the way. "I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere else." I ran it through the search engine and couldn't find it. And secondly, no. I'm not some kid that ran out yesterday and racked up a guitar center credit card with $900 worth of stuff thinking I'll be a superstar next week. Although it's not amazing by any means, I've been learning to record from home for about 4 years now.
As you may notice, my new venture is learning to use a MIDI controller. But, I'm having some serious problems. From the top:
- Right from the get go I think I messed up. I plugged the mini in before installing the driver from CD. So, Windows installed a driver for me, THEN, I went through the CD set-up.
- When nothing seemed to work (sound wise) I uninstalled both the contents of that disc & the driver Windows had installed for me.
- It's also important to note I'm using a 2 month old Toshiba Satellite running Windows 7. So, after restarting my PC I went in the correct order (disc THEN plug it in).

But, im immediately troubled. Is this controller not supposed to have some sort of preset sound? I opened the editor, tinkered around for hours, and nothing seems to want to happen. I noticed that one of my presets was recognizing the last time I "used it" an octave low. All my pads light up, etc etc. But, I am getting absolutely 0 sound from my monitors.

If anyone could help, please, start from the beginning. Lol. Thank you.
Yes, plugging it in before installing the driver was a no-no. But, it's good you corrected that. As far as preset sounds, I'm not familiar with that particular midi controller, but it is very likely it doesn't come with any. Typically you use vsti's for sounds, or you create, and manipulate your own.