Need plans to build Baffles

Dom Franco

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I have seen and used "Baffles" in the studio and on stage. I would like to make some in different sizes to achieve separation during recording of multiple instruments. Dragon, do you or any of the others on this forum have plans or ideas for a "DIY". Should I use Fiberglass or foam insulation? How thick? has anyone built or purchased baffles for their home studio.

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Dom Franco

I built 4 baffles for an analog studio I had setup. It was awhile ago, they ended up being ripped apart and used for other things.. They were built out of 2X4's, 4x8' plywood, cheese cloth and green insulation (cant remember the R factor, it was the more expensive stuff though). They worked pretty well, expect they were heavy as hell. So it was just a rectangular frame with green insulation stuffed into it with cheese cloth (or light canvas?) on the front and a 4X8' particle board or plywood on the back. I'm sure someone else has a better suggestion :) they cost about $70 each to build.


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Thanks for the reply. I will probably make some about half that size. What greenstuff are you talking about. Is it fiberglass?

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Dom Franco
The green stuff was fiberglass insulation. The spec's on it seemed to indicate it was better for acoustic applications then the pink stuff. Also, I think I was using 4" x 4" rough pine for the frames, and I'm pretty sure it was a light canvas covering for the front. Look for "Canvas" in the yellow pages.
Whatever material you use to cover the front, you want it to be fairly porous and thin, and as transparent to sound as possible. Similiar to the material that covers the front of speakers.


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