Need input on Original Jingle--"Ask The Credit Cowboy"...


A short Jingle "Ask The Credit Cowboy" I wrote for my business. I have a plan, so here goes...

I work at Credit Law Solutions here in Los Angeles. I do Credit Repair & my handle/nick-name is "The Credit Cowboy" (Every 6 weeks or so I am on GO COUNTRY RADIO 105 FM- Los Angeles as the Credit Expert on the Mortgage Mom Radio Show)

I will be launching a new web-site "Ask the Credit Cowboy.Com" after the 1st of the year.....The site will be inter-active for all credit needs. People can ask questions, look up vital credit information, & ask for credit repair help as well....

Here's the Jingle people will hear when they open the web-site....Thoughts on the tune, & mix so far

Ask The Credit Cowboy by Steve Altonian | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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Well, it's pretty cheesy...

Mix-wise, the big thing I'd recommend is turning down the bgvox. They're overpowering the lead.


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Yeah the vocals (both lead and backing IMO) are a bit too loud. And I'm not sure that people are going to want to listen to a jingle that's quite that long. To me, it's got to be very quick or I'm going somewhere else.


Yeah I agree with the others that the BGV are a bit loud. I also would like to hear maybe the fiddle in the very beginning. For me it needs something to catch your ear right from the start.