need info on ping ponging tracks on 414 mkII


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alright i attemptd pingponging tracks and screwed up everything(about 16 hours wasted) anyway i had bass drums and lead guitar on tracks 1-3. i mixed it all out the way i wanted it and recorded it on track 4. then i proceded to record on track 3 for the vocals and then track 2 for the rythem guitar. and it just came out awful. it sounded nothing like the mix i put on track 4. also the guitar that was on track 3 that i ping ponged on 4, when i went to put vocals on that track after the guitar was moved to track four. the guitar became very faint. i am new at this so if you have any tips on ping ponging tracks or need to know stuff that the manual doesn't explain well enough or stuff you have picked up it would be appretiated -tonybagadonuts-
I typed all this out and it didn't work. Here goes again:

1. Record up to 3 tracks. These are the tracks that you will be bouncing down. Basically, you will take these and stick them all onto one composite track.

2. You will have at least one leftover track. This is where you will bounce the original tracks to. Put the selecter switch on BusL or BusR, whichever the case may be.

3. Make sure your original tracks are on "tape", and that they are mixed properly as far as volume and eq goes.

4. Pan all tracks to the designated bus.

5. Hit record.

6. Rewind. Turn off all original tracks as they will soon be recorded over anyway.

7. Put the Bounced Final track on tape, pan back to center, and listen. If you like it, great. If it sucks, start over and try to fix whatever sucked about it.

You said that after you recorded over the original guitar part, your guitar sound weakend. It sounds like you may have been listening to the bounced final track and the originals at the same time. This would explain why your guitar sound weakened when you recorded over the original track.

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