need help with acoustic treatment à la portable vocal booth


Hi all !

my current apartment has the most dreadful noises, I can hear the general building ventilation through the walls, cars out the window, the fridge down in the kitchen, there's a lot.

now I used to record at a nice studio space I was renting but with covid this became a difficult keep so I just moved my stuff at home.

now while I live here I'm only gonna be recording ideas and demos but the noise is a tad too much to make the process of recording my vocals enjoyable, plus there's the sound of the room which isn't too bad because the other noises are badder.

I know a lot are just gonna say to move elsewhere and I get that!
but this isn't possible right now, sometimes life is hard and you just gotta do with the cards that you're dealt, so I consider this a challenge.


what I have :

4 pieces of rockwool 40 (or 60?) that are 24x24inch lying around, forgot which ones, it's been a decade I built acoustic panels.

also: fabric, cardboard, things you find around the house.

my first idea was to use them to build a sort of box that would wrap around my head and the microphone, each positioned in a corner, then I would suspend something from the ceiling above it to cut some of what's coming from atop (thick sheets?) like a tent ceiling.


my experience with anything that's a box is that it sounds boxy and thus just creates a new problem, albeit a lesser one.

perhaps I could curve the 3-4 square sheets to create a semi circle, or a complete circle, maybe that's better with possible boxiness.

another -uneducated- guess gets me thinking perhaps what is source to much of the comb filtering is the actual box frame that's holding the material in place and so maybe I can just wrap the square panels into fabric so there's not actual solid wall *behind the rockwool, I guess the fabric could be sewed in such a way to get the desired shape.

of course, there would be nothing helping floor reflections, but yea reducing *ANY* amount of noise at this point would be a good source of serotonin so I'd take it, especially if I already have the materials.

so yea I'm sure a lot of you experimented with different ideas, pretend you're a poor schmuck for a minute, what would you do with what I have.


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I'm in a similar environment with my apartment. My largest noise source is the road traffic outside my 4th floor bedroom studio - a very busy divided concrete highway about 50ft from the building. The room has a single window measuring 57" x 35". I have cut some Roxul rockwool to fit the window opening and wrapped it in fabric so it's very flexible and squeezes snuggly into the opening. That rockwool cuts the outside noise by 99%. The bedroom door is sufficient to dampen the other apartment noises, as well as traffic from windows in the adjacent room. The walls and ceiling are bare and the floor is fully covered with short pile carpeting. I've made some very quiet recordings with my AT2020 LDC XLR mic.

I don't leave the rockwool in the window as it also blocks 100% of outside light, and I dislike having to use indoor lighting longer than necessary. So it's in for recording and out for Life.

p.s. I've been up since 1:47AM EST because some fool 2 floors below over-fried his chicken dinner and set off all the fire alarms in the building - which includes one very loud device at the door to my bedroom studio. Just when I get a handle on outside noise, I'm assaulted from within.. LOL!
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hey that sounds like a pretty good idea to shut down some of the outside noise, unfortunately I don't have enough rockwool for that, that window is HUGE, the reason I wanted to make a "compact" booth instead of treating the whole room is in three parts : I will be moving for sure come the summer, other noises (hallways, fridge etc.) are as much of a nuisance, and also my limited amount of rockwool.