Need help recording vinyl to CD


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Hi Guys
I need some help recording from vinyl to cd.
I plugged in my DJ setup(2 tables and a mixer) to my PC, recorded my mix as a WAV file and I want to burn it on CD .BUT I noticed the quality of my recording is pretty crappy when I play back the WAV. Am I doing something wrong? DO I just need a better sound card or some kind of software to enhance my recording? Can someone please give me some tips. Tahnks guys
Define "crappy."

There are a LOT of things that could be going on here. How exactly is the sound bad?
Have you ever recorded anything else with the PC?

1) Check your recording levels from the Volume control. I like to crank Line-In all the way up and then control the actual level into the soundcard with the mixer.

2) Check your sampling rate. If you're recording at "radio" quality, it'll sound like crap.

3) Monitor the sound at the source to make sure that it actually sounds good before it hits the computer.

I've used some really crappy soundcards, but they've never been THAT bad when recording via Line-In. In fact right now I use a really old soundblaster that most would laugh at. Point being that it's probably not the soundcard itself unless your definition of bad is "not perfect".

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Thanks for your help Slackmaster.What I mean by 'Crappy' is the quality does not sound clean. Not enough highs..not crisp sounding and I am recording from a mixer with a built in EQ. Do I need some kind of Software EQ? Also I can hear the hissing of the needle. What can i do about that.