NEED FEEDBACK FAST: Ask The Credit Cowboy Jingle & Radio Commercial


NOTE: I need serious input here and quickly. Hopefully I get some quick responses here because I am on a deadline of having this completed before the Holiday weekend is up..So if you listen to this ALL THOUGHTS ARE WELCOME.

Though I am a Country Artist, I am also known throughout the nation as The Credit Cowboy, Credit Expert on GO COUNTRY RADIO 105 FM Los Angeles on The Mortgage Mom Radio Show. I come on every 2-3 months. Since I am a guest on the program I got a super duper low rate for my first commercial/ad to go on each week whether on the Show or not. This show broadcasts in all of Southern California at 7 am Saturdays.

Originally I wrote this Jingle for my website ASKTHECREDITCOWBOY.COM. and tonight added my voiceover (first ever)...This was a requested Radio Commerical to bring value to the show & bring me new clients in need of credit repair to qualify for Home Loans. The Host gets the loans so they make money as well, that is why the great deal...

I have to have this into GO COUNTRY RADIO in about 2-3 days, I want input on the tune, voiceover quality, and also need others ears about where the music sits in regard to the voiceover. I know music mixing, but this is a new arena for me

I already get business from this radio , but this can bring me extra local business to pay for my Music Recording & Video of my new song "First Love, Last Love"

Anyways, be honest & helpful...Is anything distracting? Something too loud, too soft? Bring it and bring it now....This is happening one way or another, I just am in unchartered waters here for a radio commercial and need other sets of ears, like quickly

Ask The Credit Cowboy Jingle Radio Commercial FINAL (mastered) by Steve Altonian | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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rob aylestone

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Well, as Brit, I'm hardly qualified - but I rather like it because it does the job, is laid back, well produced doesn't contain annoying music that gets in the way and for what I know of US ads, is quite slow delivery, and not yelled. Kind of a chilled advert. I'm over 50, and the ad creates no negatives my mind. In the UK it would have to be much faster because the ads for financial services are tightly regulated and need to contain loads of crazy legal gobbledegook - "Loans many come under the jurisdiction of the financial credits service sganecy and credit cowboy is an authorised and licence credit broker - remember that loans can be secured on your property and you could be made homeless" - stuff like that!!! I know the US does this for medication, but we do it for money!