Need Diode recommendation on cheap, defective Epiphone Distortion Pedal


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I bought a defective Epiphone distortion pedal for cheap.

It was easy to determin the problem; a big piece of the ceramics on the diode was chipped off.

This is a 10 cent fix, the only problem being that the value of the diode was on the missing piece of ceramic, so I don't know what to replace it with.

Any thoughts/advise?
Maybe an 1N4148.

Thanks, but no, I found a picture of the print. What I could read is that it was something ending with 07, so it could be N4007, but I could be a 0 off. Better not risk it. I'll do some more research tomorrow.
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If it's part of the power supply, it is likely a 1N4007, and very much overkill. Those are rated for 1,000VDC and 1A; not likely to be seen in your pedal. Those are usually in parallel with the internal power supply in such a way that if a reverse polarity external power supply is 'accidentally' plugged in it will just be shunted through to ground. Hmm, maybe an overkill diode is needed.