need adope audition 3

The 2007 ancient version has so many outdated features and inabilities to function with the more modern versions, it's no wonder you can't find a legitimate link as it's been obsolete for so long. The often cracked versions of it that had dubious reliability and the reported frequent crashes mean that the people who like cracked software gave up on it years ago. Cracked software is something users of this forum have little time for, but I guess you may have posted this on many forums as a new member and probably won't respond.

Seriously though - it really wasn't that good - rather clunky from memory, I never used it, preferring Sound Forge back then.
According to the adobe forums, there is a free version for the taking that replaces AA3. If the OP did a google search, he would have found the same thing.

I make part of my living with legitimate 1.5 and 3.0 every week for radio show production. Amazingly both work with the latest version of Window 10 in compatibility mode. I do keep a dedicated XP laptop in the wings, "just in case!". Posts about a free version are from 2006.
I'm another Audition 3 user here. I think it is still available for download on Adobe's website provided you have an Adobe ID. It works fine under Windows 10 and I still find its restoration features useful.