Need a new soundcard/converters...


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So this is almost a noob question but... For the last few years I've been using a Delta 1010 w/ my A&H Mixwizard. And it has worked nicely. Lately I've been having some crackling/cutting out issues. I know it is a wiring problem inside the 1010, it is not the cables connecting.

Anyway, I was tracking in the big studio on the weekend and they are using RME (not sure which one) and using a Tascam 24 track (can't remember the model) as the convertors.

So the question, I want to upgrade my setup. I do not want on board pres. I want to record at least 8 tracks at a time. I'm using a mac. I do not need portability. Budget? Well, not over $2000. As everything less $ the better but I don't like the buy cheap buy twice thing. I am willing to buy used. I'm using Cubase at home and Nuendo in the studio.

I'm thinking RME PCI cards, but I'm a little unclear of what I need as I would need the card and convertors. I'm not terribly interested in the Fireface.

Any insite would be appreciated as I continue to search through existing posts.

hmmm, something I just realised, I'm using a G4 right now and I'm looking at upgrading to a G5 once they are Intel and I know there is the PCI difference between the two. Damn why can't this be easy. I just want to record man