Nanoverb Connection to Tascam 24SD


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I have an Alessis Nanoverb from 1998. I'm not satisfied with the onboard reverb in the 24SD. How can I connect the Alessis unit to the Tascam? Thanks.
You can run your signal through the Nanoverb and then straight into any 1 (mono) or 2 (stereo) inputs (A thru H) of the Tascam - resulting in the effect being recorded.

Or you can use the Sends (1 and/or 2) on the Tascam and run the signal through the Nanoverb and back into inputs of your choosing on the Tascam. This way you do not have to "print" the effect and be stuck with it because the effect will not be recorded (unless you choose to record the return signal). One thing to keep in mind doing it this way (the preferred way, no doubt) is that if you have a recorded signal on a linked pair of stereo tracks on the Tascam you cannot separate those going out the two Sends. You have to move the stereo tracks to two available mono tracks using the Audio Depot export/import function.

I assume you know how to setup the Sends routing in the mixer screen? If not - you would be doing yourself a favor to look through the Sticky threads at this forum - there is a wealth of information there:

Also - check out the Phil Tipping tutorial videos on youtube if you haven't already.

Good luck! Hope this helps. :thumbs up:
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You're welcome :thumbs up: . I hope you like the DP-24SD. They're capable, powerful recorders - and intuitive once you understand the block diagram and signal flow.