Nady CL5000 Compressor/Limiter $99?


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Musician's "Friend" has this Nady CL5000 Compressor/Limiter on sale for $99.

The features and front panel look a lot like the Behringer Composer....

The price is right...

Is it a piece of crap or what???

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Ray J

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I"ve seen it. It's gotta be better than the Alesis Nanocomp that I have. I think i'd save a few more bucks and get a RNC. I here they will rival much more expensive compressors.

Ray J


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I personally haven'ty used it but Nady equipment doesn't have a very good reputation around here. I too would hold off for the NRC.


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For less than the Nady, you can actually HAVE a ComposerPro. Or @$170.00 you can purchase a RNC


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Ok, I've only ever used an alesis 3630, an ART CS2, and the Nady that is the topic of this thread. I am obviously not any sort of compressor guru. However, out of those 3, I like the Nady the best overall. You have the option of an 'auto' mode that automatically dials up good attack and release settings. Of course you can adjust these settings too. anyway, it has been really easy for me to get some good vocal and guitar sounds using this unit. For the price, I think its great.