My voice-over sounds very tinny, can you help me?


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I recorded a voiceover for a video essay that sounds very tinny. Attached is the process I went through before adding the voiceover to the video. I work with Adobe Audition.

I followed this tutorial: Make Your Audio and Voice Sound Better – Audition CC Tutorial - YouTube

Here you can hear my voice over from minute 01:00: Charles Bukowski - The Crunch - YouTube

I would like to go more in the direction of this podcaster with my voice over; starting at minute 00:05: Темная материя. Я стала мамой в пятом классе by Батенька, да вы трансформер | Free Listening on SoundCloud

What do I have to change to sond more like him?

I am very happy about any kind of help!
Thanks a lot already!

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Hi Tisch, I listened to your voiceover side by side with your Soundcloud reference and here are the things I noticed (please note that I'm listening to this on my laptop speakers though) a) I think you have a very good and pleasant sounding voice, which is appropriate for content(s) like this b) I noticed the soundcloud reference is much louder and "in your face" compared to your voice over. It also sounds more compressed and warmer (the voice sounds much deeper and has more bass) c) The voice in the Soundcloud reference is more forward in the mix than yours (besides making your version louder and warmer, you could also try pushing your voice forward by multiple compression (i.e one compression followed by another compression, although by keeping some of the dynamics at each step so as not to completely destroy the dynamics, which may actually have an undesirable sound) d) The reference sounds like it has applied the de-esser to eliminate the harsh sibilants (i.e. the T and S sounds), whereas yours's sounds like it could use some processing to remove some of those harsh sibilants, especially the 'S' sound. Thanks!