My 'New' 4000DS


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Hi everyone.

I'm in the UK, and have just bought a 4000DS from eBay. Seems to be in good order except probably needs a clean.

I have one issue however, which I would appreciate some enlightenment with...

I have a pile of tapes recorded by my 40 years-passed away Godfather... he recorded some jazz straight from the radio in the 1960s and 70s....

He has written on the boxes that he recorded 'x' on track one, 'y' on track two, 'z' on track 3 and so on.

No matter how I adjust the track selector knob I hear two pieces of music at the same time! There is no way round this, is there...?!

Many thanks.

PS: the capstan spacer is present (!) but the track selector knob is missing!
So according to the online manual, to play mono recordings one has to pull out the RH level knob? This knob doesn't do anything on mine except go round... not pull out. Not sure what else to do to shut off one channel...