My first multitrack recording in Audition


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Hi, I've set Audition up to record my TD30 drum kit via the 8 direct outs to a Behringer X32 Producer, USB connected to a laptop using the X-USB facility. Setup was relatively easy and the mono channels 1 to 4 are behaving as expected, but I'm having trouble with the stereo outputs 5,6,7 & 8. I can set channel 5 as S5 in the drop down menu in the channel settings, but on channel 6 I don't get the option for even numbers in the drop down menu, just 1,3,5,7. Same for channel 8. Why would that be?

Channel 5 is Toms L and Channel 6 is Toms R. When I play any of the 4 toms everything comes in on both channels 5 and 6.

Any help appreciated, thank you.
Great, I found the Direct Out settings in the TD30 module that enable me to choose which instrument goes to which output, so it's all good now.