My first home recordings with STOCK plugins


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Hello, after trying to find a recording studio for my new band, I decided to record all the songs on my own.
The studio prices were about $500-$1000 per one song, and we just didnt have the money.

So i bought an SSL 2+ interface ($150),
used pair of shure 57 ($100), - (for recording drums and guitar)
and rode nt1a ($300) for vocals
I used only stock plugins from Cubase 10.

Can you guys let me know what you think?
And which areas should i focus to improve?

Not bad, a little muddy. Try posting in the MP3 Clinic section of these forums (and participate to get more comments).
Those were recorded with SM57s and an NT1a? Just think about how awesome things would have sounded it you had bought a couple of vintage U47s with NOS tubes, a Neve console and a Sony C800 for the vocals.... You should have been able to save up another $50k for some REAL gear, right? 😉

Seriously, if you did this with the kit you have listed, this is a classic case where talent trumps buying gear. It sounds really good. I might have changed the amount of compression, and there's a bit of rasp on the vocals, but that might be the fellow's voice, since I hear it on the other tracks you've posted on Youtube. But those are matters of taste. You've got a great vibe, and the songs rock hard.

Overall, job well done!
Sounds great for the gear you are using. Years ago I tracked drums with two dynamic mics and never got close to the drum sound on your recordings. My guess is that you are not new to recording or mixing in some form, if not this is awesome for a first go.