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YouTube used to be great. But with all the censorship it’s only good for non political videos. There’s still great stuff on it , don’t get me wrong, but it’s no friend to free speech.

Just go back to the beginning of this thread, and you’ll see the progression of the censorship.

An amazing amount of posts with links to YouTube videos saying “this video is no longer available”.

Lots of info out there but on different platforms.
As I want to get back in the gym so I can tone up again, I did some online reading about what's currently going on inside them, Covid-wise.

As it turns out, for the most part, medical recommendations are not against attending. Interesting points mentioned by several articles were methods of transmission and contagiousness.

They say Covid is transmitted by moist droplets expelled by the carrier. Could be sprayed either by coughing or sneezing or just exhaling. If these were to be inhaled by a non-infected person, they would then "have it" and be a carrier.

Also mentioned was that same spraying settling somewhere in the room without being taken in by someone via breathing or the eyes. The equipment is usually wiped down - disinfected - regularly throughout the day. However, many people don't follow that procedure after use and gym personnel can't be on top of that at all times, so some of what gets sprayed onto the equipment may be transferred to the next person using it - via touch by hand or other body part.

The articles went on to say that there was very little evidence of Covid spreading in this environment from people switching back and forth between contaminated equipment. Touching the Covid on the surfaces resulted in very little transmission. The main form of transmission was from people heavily exhaling, coughing and sneezing, then that being inhaled by others.

In the end it was recommended to go to the gym at off-peak hours when fewer people attend. Wipe your equipment before and after use. Try to workout some distance from others if possible.

My gym is run by our City and has off-peak hours where, when I last attended, I often found myself with whole rooms to myself for my hour. But on the way there I drive by a couple of big chain gyms that are packed. Usually, in my gym, the room with the most people has the stationary bikes, stair climbers, treadmills, rowing machines.. and a wall of TVs on every channel - not to mention the treadmill's screens with the same TV plus internet. I could skip that room if crowded and do extra reps with the weights.
I am truly sick of the peurile personal attacks that plague any attempted discussion here. I have a feeling we might have to ban discussion of Covid, because clearly proper discussions are not possible. Also, would you stop reporting each other because you don't like what someone else has said. That's what kids do in the playground: "Whaa, teacher, he done a bad thing."

This thread is done.
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