MX 2424 / RC 2424 Alan? Or whomever may know..

Hi, Alan? Dan here, out in California.. Hope you're doing well, and that you find this post.. Tascam Remote: RC 2424.. I saw a Tascam User Forums Post that you left, saying ok to use 5v / 4amp two conductor power supply, spliced into a DIN male in the absence of original Tascam Power Supply.. Any danger of frying the Remote Control Unit?
Long as I'm 5v and 4amp? But what about wattage? RC 2424 I just purchased on ebay has jerry-rigged power supply.. Guy says he's retired elec engineer..Has 100% pos feedback, many sales, so I guess I feel ok about it.. I don't see a ground prong that's why I am checking w/you.. Thanks so much Dan - Stay well!
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Most consumer stuff does not use a three terminal plug and of the ones I install in older tape recorders the ground remains unconnected. If you know electronics the P=VxI so the power of the supply will be 20Watts. I wonder what in there that takes 4 amps- LED readouts?


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Hi Dan,
Sorry this has taken a while, I seemed have overlooked this forum for a while. My remote has an after market power supply that I bought because I got hold of a remote that was missing the original. As long as the voltage is correct and the pinout is correct you should be right, there is probably more chance of frying the power supply than the remote. I am sure I bought a 5 volt 4 amp, but I am not at the studio so I can't check, I did check my electronics supplier catalog and it seems the largest 5 volt in the catalog was 4 amps so that's probably what I got.

If I remember right the din pinout is shown on the remote unit itself somewhere