Musictribe acquire Aston microphones

dark days ahead

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So, now those beautiful English made pieces may become a lot more affordable and easier to get hold of which is surely great news for us

i haven't linked anything as you can search yourselves if interested, news broke yesterday -i would hate to be called names on my 1st post lol

btw hi everyone, new here, recently left GS and looking for a new home, won't be going back - way too much bickering

Music Tribe: Behringer, Midas, Klark Teknik, Turbosound, TC Group/Electronics, Midas, Bugera, Eurocom, Lake, Tannoy, probably others, and now, Aston.


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I saw the note from Aston's CEO, James Young (formerly of sE Electronics, btw) about this.
I hope the transition goes well for him and that the quality remains the same.