MRL will be closing at the end of 2023


Tape Wolf
"Attention all Customers and Dealers:
After nearly 50 years in business, we are sad to announce MRL will be closing at the end of this year (2023).
Over the past decade, we have done our best to continue supplying a quality product,but time has finally caught up with our personnel and equipment.
We would like to thank all of our loyal customers and dealerswho have stuck with us through all these years.
You have been an integral part of our longevity and success.
We will be accepting orders up until December 29, 2023."

...Well, that's a bummer. I guess it had to happen eventually, but I was kind of hoping someone would be able to carry the torch.
I saw this in a couple of FaceBook groups I’m in…I suspected it would happen eventually after Jay’s passing, but this is sooner than I expected, and regardless a tragedy. Absolutely nobody else on the planet has the equipment or processing to make cal tapes like MRL, or the variety. I’m also concerned about what happens with Jay’s archive of technical papers which are invaluable reference material and I may be reaching out to MRL to inquire about that. If you’ve been on the fence about getting an MRL tape, it’s time to hop off.
There is (or was) a seller on eBay from Europe selling calibration tapes. Also, JRF is a dealer for MRL, I wonder if they might buy the stock and/or equipment.