Mpc1000 Jj Os


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This link will take you to a Japanese web site that offers the 'JJ OS' which is a third-party operating system for the MPC1000.

I've been using it for most of 2007 and it's superior in every way to the stock factory operating system. The biggest improvement is in the file handling --- I used to get TONS of 'bad file' and 'corrupt data' errors, but haven't had a single problem since I put the jj OS on my MPC.

It also gives you audio tracks, recordable track mutes (like the MPC2500), visual editing for both drum and midi data, improved q-link function, improved naming and setting up of programs and the ability to add a custom 'splash screen' that is displayed at boot-up.

It costs $30 and for that you're entitled to all the updates which usually come out every few weeks as new bugs are discovered and fixed...

I think there's a JJ OS for the MPC2500 too, but since I don't own one I'm not sure.