MPC 1000 JJOS 2xl freezing, not saving, unresponsive

A. Lacy

New member
Hey all,

I've had my MPC 1000 (with JJOS 2XL) since May 2020, and I really haven't used it much. I've only really started using it the last few days. Here's some issues I'm having:

- I can't hear any of my one shot samples when I preview them
- When I try to save a project onto my Compact Flash (SanDisk Extreme 128gb, 120mb/s, UDMA 7), it usually freezes and sometimes doesn't save
- It sometimes freezes randomly when I'm working
- Some of the buttons (UP button, and some of the F buttons across the bottom of the screen) are occasionally unresponsive.

I'm hoping some of these issues are due to lack of use and will just go away as I keep working on it. (That's what happened to the RIGHT button. It can be stubborn, but it works more often than not.)

Anyone got any ideas?