Moving Waves


Hat STYLE. Not contents.
The cymbals might be a bit sparkly (and possibly too loud). This is a pretty busy mix, and cymbals take up a lot of space (without always adding much besides "loud")

Guitar tone is pretty good.
Certainly starts with a bang, the guitar playing is excellent very precise but still with a rock and roll edge. The mix sounds good to me, though i think it could be cleaned up, sounds like the rhythm guitars could lose some of their low mid range to make the solo guitar stand out more. I notice this especially in the opening section with the keys, that really cool wide interval pull off stuff is kind of hard to make out exactly what you're doing. Once you get to your solo section the lead guitar sounds better in the mix. Drums sound programmed well, the kick and snare sounds are kind of vanilla-not much low end from the kick coming through, but i don't think they take away from your song coming across, same with the bass guitar, it's just kind of there not adding much to the composition. Overall though this sounds really good and some very impressive guitar playing, nice work!

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[MENTION=13270]Stratomaster[/MENTION], Thanks for the detailed review, I am still working on the song and have planned some changes.

I'm going to play the bass with a precision bass, and the lead guitar gets a brickwall limiter. When I finish it, I put it in here.

VomitHatSteve the cymbals are a bit much, I'll change it.


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Kind of an abrupt start. Guitar playing is excellent.

Guitars have a bit of a digital - amp sim tone.

Balance on things sounds good to me.

The cymbals are really swirly. Sound Cloud does that often, so I can't tell if it's a mix problem or a sound cloud problem. But they're really swirly.


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I thought the cymbals sounded better and the low end wasn't quite as boomy in the second version. I thought both of those were improvements. I think you could probably raise the bass level just a bit.

The bigger thing that struck me the second time around was that the drums and lead guitar are crowding each other out. The drums are just too busy - they're not supporting the lead guitar. They're drawing attention away from it. If it were me, I'd go with a more basic drum program.


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I think it's a good mix. I agree that the guitar playing is e,cellent. It is a rocking tune. Nice work!!


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this version is a lot clearer and cleaner that the first one. I'm not one to micro manage at this point, but the mix comes together nicely. guitars sound more real in this one too.


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Cool tune :thumbs up:

Consider dropping the kick a smidge. Perhaps, do some stereo widening to both the drums and the guitars. Maybe add more body to the snare so it doesn't sound so thin and startling.


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I love this tune to pieces, the guitar is definitely the dominant instrument as it should be and you've done an excellent job of mixing it to get it to blend with the drums so well, which also come through really nicely.

The cymbals at the start are a little too harsh in my opinion, might wanna put a low pass filter on them or just cut out some of the higher end frequencies. That guitar playing is superb by the way, plenty of skill shown here.

Good work! Listening on KRK Rokit 8's.


Great guitar playing, I agree with an earlier comment about the drums, in particular, the kick's multiple hits at times are really distracting, and the snare is a bit wimpy, and there's not much variation it in teh hit volumes. Not sure what drum program you use, but try using a 'humanizer' on it, of you don't already. If you do, just vary the amount of hit velocity and timing a little more.


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Nice mix. Bringing up the bass really helped the drums sit better, IMO. Perhaps, instead of the trip kick notes, you could insert 1 ghost, 1 grace and 1 full note. I think this would work well with the guitar. I know you've got your final mix already, it's just a suggestion - see how it sounds.