Moving on from Black Lion Audio Auteur Preamp... thoughts?


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Hi all -

I use a Black Lion Audio Auteur Mic Preamp and do like it, but as always, wonder what a next step might be? I tend to like cleaner rather than colored mic preamps. Honestely, may keep the BLA, but wondering how much difference stepping into the $1000 2 channel preamp might make.

I am first and foremost consider myself a songwriter, but do have interest in making quality demos. Will be using it mostly for vocals and acoustic guitar with a Neumann 102 and Shure SM81.

VERY curious about the Cranborne Camden EC2.

Any thoughts / wisdon / sage advice appreciated.


I am not familiar with the BLA Auteur personally, but have seen them around for years.
I really enjoy my Grace Designs 201 for clean and low noise capture.
You might find a good used one for your budget.
I have used mine for a long time and the folks at Grace are exceedingly great to work with should your unit need any servicing.
DAV Electronics is a great choice as well.
Hi Tom -

Thanks for your response. Grace is a solid recommendation, I will check it out. It is GREAT to hear that Grace fall in the 'we actually fully support our product and enduser' category of customer support.... invaluable when you need it.

Yes exactly.
I was impressed that even though I was (at least) the second owner of the unit, they treated me like I was one of their best

And... it is indeed a really nice preamp.