Motorcycle enthusiasts in the Nashville area?


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Anyone in the Nashville area who is a motorcycle enthusiast is invited to come on out to Nashville Superspeedway this weekend. It's time for the spring Nashville WERA round. There will be a lot of really fast guys out there road racing. Uh, and I'll be there, too, LOL!!!

Practice starts early, like 8:00 AM. Saturday will feature vintage races and 20-lap mini-endurance races. Sunday will be sprint races (10 laps) all afternoon. Some of the fast guys hit turn 1 somewhere in the neighborhood of 180mph, it's a sight to see!!! There are classes for everything from minis (50cc) all the way to liter superbikes.

Look for the black #714, y'all are welcome to come hang out in the garage and watch the races, maybe even share an adult beverage or two after the final checkered flag of the day. :drunk: