More FRAUD, featuring MY GEAR LIST...

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I'm getting sooo tired of this... And I hate using the forums as a soap-box, but this one's worth it... "Shed Studio Mastering" - He doesn't even have a real site - One of those free-host sites. But strangely enough my *exact* gear list (except instead of just having a UAD Fairchild, he claims to have a real one - At $15 per track).

Feel free to call this a-hole out... I know I am.

Links removed as the issue has been "resolved" (for lack of a better term) and I don't want to give this d**kweed the link-back attention that may be afforded from having his sorry you-know-what mentioned on such esteemed forums.
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I'm tempted to e-mail him asking if he'll accept my minidisc mix :D
Tell him that you've been looking for a place with a DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) deck for years... I still think I'm the only one that actually has one...

Okay, maybe some other place has one...

But NO ONE else has the "SS-oweL" or Klups trapping - or the Stereo Stupidifier with Digital Sonic Decrapulator...

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I can't wait to hear what his 24-bit analog techniques actually are :rolleyes:.

And, I LOVE this excuse/reasoning:
Q: Why are you so cheap?
A: We keep our overheads down by keeping your mastering sessions unattended. Through mail-order we are able to cut down our expenses, but without compromising the quality of your master.

Translated: Since you can't see me or my operation, you can't tell that I'm just some schmoe working out of his house with a PC and a Waves Diamond crack, and not actually a mastering engineer with John Scrip's exact equipment list.

BTW, this schmoe's apparent actual name is Harry Copeland, just so you know who you're talking to when you do contact him. His alleged mastering studio appears to be located in - I don't know what they call them in England, where he's located, but here in the states we'd call it - a side-by-side duplex townhouse, with a swimming pool in the back yard.

And to top it off, not only does he not even have his own website, but his administrative e-mail goes to a a Hotmail account instead of an actual real e-mail addy :rolleyes:.

If it looks like a steaming pile, smells like a steaming pile, you probably best not taste it....



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Tell him that you've been looking for a place with a DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) deck for years... I still think I'm the only one that actually has one...

Okay, maybe some other place has one...

But NO ONE else has the "SS-oweL" or Klups trapping - or the Stereo Stupidifier with Digital Sonic Decrapulator...

That's the one that got me...(not that it isn't all beyond the pale.)


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Email him and ask for a physical address to send a roll of 1/2" tape.

You'll probably hear - "um sorry, my tape deck is broken at the moment".


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Yeah, for $15 a pop, you know you've got problems.

I master tracks at $45 a piece. I've got some pretty sweet gear, too:


* Primary system: Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) Nautilus 802 loudspeakers,
Pass Labs X-250 power amplifier
* Secondary system: Dynaudio Acoustics BM15 loudspeakers,
Bryston amplification
* Controller: Crane Song Avocet monitor control system / monitoring D-A


* Manley Variable-Mu (Mastering Edition) compressor / limiter
* Crane Song STC-8M Class A mastering compressor / limiter
* “SS-oweL” Stereo Compressor (Custom unit based on the SSL4044E/G buss compressor with added MCI416 transformer output)
* Crane Song Ibis Discrete Class A parametric equalizer
* API 5500 Dual Equalizer (hybrid 550 B/D/M EQ)


* DBX Quantum ll (Digital Multi-band Mastering Processor)
* Universal Audio Digital (UAD) collection: Fairchild 670, Teletronix LA2A, Urei 1176LN, Precision Mastering Series Limiter, Pultec EQP-1A, Cambridge EQ, Pultec MEQ-5, Precision Mastering Series Equalizer, Precision Multi-Band compressor, Neve 33609C Stereo Compressor, more...
* Eliosound Air EQ
* AM-Suite (Native to the Samplitude/Sequoia family)
* Izotope’s RX Series audio restoration tools
* K-Stereo processor (by Bob Katz / Algorithmix)


* Crane Song H.E.D.D. 192 - Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device
* Bel Canto e.One Dac3 upsampling DA converter (PCM1792 / CS8421)
* Lavry Engineering (dB Technologies) 4496 Conversion System:
o M*AD824 2 channel A/D converter
o M*SYNC Master clock
o M*DA824 2 channel D/A converter
* Crane Song monitoring D/A
* Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) digital routing
* DBX Quantum II Type IV Conversion System
* Lynx AES 16-channel Digital Interface / Router


* MCI JH110C open-reel analog deck (with 1/4” and 1/2” head stacks)
* Tascam DV-RA1000 Direct Stream Digital (Sony DSD) system
* Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 High Resolution Master Disk System
* Rega P3 table w/glass platter, RB300 arm and Dynavector 10x4 MC cartridge
* Cambridge Audio Azur Series 640P MM/MC Class ‘A’ phono stage
* TASCAM DA-30 MkII DAT deck
* Sony Mini Disc
* Sony, TEAC Cassette
* Technics RS-DC10 Digital Compact Cassette


* (PC) Sonica Labs G-340 High Performance Audio System
o Intel Pentium 4 3.4Ghz Prescott processor
o Intel 875P Chipset
o 3 GB DDR400 RAM
o 800Mhz FSB
o Hyper threading, SATA RAID
o 20dB quiet THERMAxFlow cooling
o Over 2TB of local drive space
* Terastation Pro 2-Terabyte NAS-RAID
* Samplitude Professional recording / mastering production system
* Steinberg WaveLab Audio Mastering and Editing Suite
* Plextor internal and external drives utilizing PlexTools Professional
* Mac Intel Core 2 Duo


* Lavry Engineering Dithering with Acoustic Bit Correction®
* Apogee UV-22 HR (Hardware and software) Dithering
* POW-r Dithering system
* Crane Song “Analog Dither”
* Crane Song HEDD 192


* Room treatments by GIK Acoustics, Klups, RealTraps ®
* All interconnections are Belden 1800F cable with Neutrik connectors. Amplifier and speaker connections are Silver Serpent and Cobalt cables respectively.
* Monster Power® Professional and Blue Circle power conditioning and filtering
* Custom console by Sterling Modular
* The famous “Stereo Stupidifier with Digital Sonic Decrapulator”

Hit me up if you're curious, and we can discuss cash discounts and bulk pricing. :)

(ok, ok, sorry, couldn't resist. ;))