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I record on a Yamaha 01v that has event monitors hooked up to it. All the gear is one room so there is no isolation to do vocals. i need some tips for recording without being able to monitor on monitors hooked up to the stereo L & R output.

What are diffrent ways to monitor what is going to tape?

What is the monitor jacks in the back for? not the stereo L & R

What is the point of Bus 1,2,3,4----Aux 1,2,3,4 do iuse these for routing for outboard effects?

Does a direct box cut down on noise from a keyboard going straight to a mixer? Do balanced cables cut this noise down.

One last question, where can I learn about MIDI and its applications?
Hi dewy!

Envy your gear. Be proud! I think you should have your L&R outputs connected to your master machine and the monitor outputs to an amp. That way you can change the levels without destroying your master mix. Is there a separate monitor mix system in your mixer? In that case, this is where you set levels so that you hear what´s going on when you record. You can have the bass louder if you´re recording bass for example, without disturbing the levels going to tape.

The bus is a separate amp-stage within your mixer. You can send certain channels to your bus and change the levels on all those channels by moving the bus faders only. You can also use the bus insert points to compress a whole drumset for example. I wish I knew more of how your mixer works, but I hope this helps you a bit.