Molly Tuttle SM57 Vocal

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Just released video of this "bluegrass" (once, anyway) artist recording with the lowly SM57 as the vocal mic.

I'd seen an earlier one a while back where she used the Miktek PM9, which was one thing that nudged me into that purchase. It's when I really started to see how the mic had not much to "add" to my vocals, in particular :). (But, I digress.)

What's interesting here is the "fancy" mics are on the guitar and mandolin. And, the vocal mics are not that close, either! (But, note the angle of the vocal and instrument mics relative to each other.)

I'm a BIG fan of the 57 for my vocals ,I also have 57 beta... my current Band leader disagrees and requested I bring a 58 ...OK buddy it's your football, your rules and you are placing us in gigs where I am being paid better than I have ever been paid EVER before for playing so Aye Aye Captain!

It's really a personal bias but for sure the 57 has sat in front of 1000's of vocalist professional recordings since the mid 60's when it was introduced...including Janis, Mama Cass and Hendrix...good enough for them...good enough for me.
It must be fake. From what I read on another interweb forum, the 57 sounds like ass on vocals, and you really need a vintage U47 with a NOS tube recently discovered in a cave near Gefell Germany, where it sat undisturbed for 75 years.

Or maybe talent and a great voice really mean something.