mixing styles


What two (or more) styles of music would you like to hear in one piece of music?
I.E. Metal to Jazz to Raggae to Childrens, etc.
I've heard of this... different kinds of music being thrust together in the same category because the audience is the same. Prog/Metal, Goth/Industrial, Acoustic/Folk, Pop/Rock, Ambient/Country, and Polka/Indie. Not bad ideas, but it sometimes creates clichees. But anyways, I'd like to see this:

Metal with acoustic passages. You know, like Metallica used to do when they were creative.

Pop music that has a more eastern/old world feel. Remember Cornell's "Can't Change Me" or STP's new "Sour Girl"? Good stuff.

Alternative that uses *gasp* a more alternative sound. The genre's name used to mean something.

And how about R&B? Let'sget some more industrial in there. Christina Aguilera needs more balls. And so does Sisqo... Jesus Christ.

Of course, everything tastes better with some Prog mixed into it. Just like Radiohead or XTC. You can do without the oppressive guitars sometimes and put in a synth passage... just as long as the instrument isn't totally cheesy(a la Tony Banks) and creates a strong mood.

More coming as I can think of them.