Mixing problems with strings and guitar.


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Hi there, I´m new to mixing and even tho i have seen many tutorials, masterclasses and programs i have bought related to mixing I´m still having problems with a specific song im Mixing.
So bassically is a Symphonic metal song, so my main problem is that i can´t find a nice spot for the guitar, strings and Harpischord to fit in the mix, it is just too chaotic, i have try using a side chain multi band compressor and dinamic EQ to reduce some bands in specific instances but i still find that it sounds a complete mess. I can share with you the mix if you can help me out with ideas of what i could do.
So maybe that's an arrangement thing/ issue, yeah? Not sure what kind of guitar you have there...an acoustic or electric or whatever. But you know strings can tend to be rich in the high mid to high frequencies and harpsichord is probably pretty strident isn't it? Then you've got a guitar involved too.

Share the mix. That would be good.

I run into these clashing problems. I'll get a drum mix going good then add in bass guitar and all sounds punchy and good. Then I'll add the acoustic guitar...and I'm already in trouble. It's one thing to get the drums and bass working together but adding the acoustic (basically open strummed chords) steps on the frequency range of the bass and the snare etc. So what was once a nice punchy bass guitar suddenly, just by adding the acoustic into the mix, becomes dull sounding and inarticulate. With the acoustic in the mix also now the kick and drums have lost definition. All from just adding the acoustic guitar.

From what I gather, eq is your friend. You want to pick and choose, balance and tweak, what frequency ranges to promote or cut from each element in the mix so that the parts are not stepping on each other's toes. Panning can help too. Sidechain compression can help. And I bet a lot of other things can help.

It's very interesting how the addition of a new track into the mix can totally change the tone of another track in the mix that sounded spot on a second ago. I gather this is literally the art of mixing...literally mixing the sounds together. And that's the trick. I try to use the tools and techniques to avoid masking issues and to avoid build up of undesired tonal effects on one track by the addition of another into the mix. Sometimes I eq and sidechain compress and try all the techniques that I know...but I still can't achieve the separation and clarity I want.

If anything, it's a great reminder to arrange the song with great care in the first place.