Mixing on a Budget


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Hey everyone this is my first ever post.

Basically what I want to know is how to achieve the best quality mix from my Tascam 424MkII on a budget. Primarily I would like to make copies from the mixed recording rather than mixing down every 'copy'. I know that mixing onto analogue and then making a tape copy of that sounds pretty dreadful compared to the original unmixed recording. Having read all the articles on this site about this topic I'm still not quite sure. The two options I have in mind are using a BBE 462 to improve the quality of the mixed version and the copies of the mixed version. I have never used one of these and I don't really know how they work or what they do but I know they come highly recommended. I am also a guitarist so could probably use it in my guitar rig (Big advantage as I like new guitar gadgets). The other is to mix onto a computer and then make tape copies from the computer or buy a CDR etc...

I look forward to hearing your ideas and responses
I would go with the computer route. You need some sort of a cable adapter, 2 RCA's to 1/8" stereo male. This depends a bit on your sound card, as long as it's not too noisy (if it is, a suitable replacement won't cost more than $50). Then, once in your computer, you have the option of doing other processes to it, smooth out the fade outs, trim the start and end to eliminate noise etc.

After that, put it on CD-R and then make tape copies off the CD-R, or just copy out of your computer to tape.

Check out the Ensoniq soundcard for a really clean audio section. For a sample of an artist that used one of these to produce the .mp3 files (he got the card on E-bay for $17) look for Don China on mp3.com. It's a great starting point for digital audio production. When you've assembled all the other stuff you'll want in your studio (better mics, mixers, Software etc.) then it'll be worth popping for a better soundcard.
Did you consider the DAT route?
I found that a DAT recorder is much better
sounding than any sound card you can get for
the money.
Any sound card? How about some DAT prices and some actual sound card comparisons. Yes, I'm asking you to name names! In particular, the stuff in that price range from Echo, Aark, Gadget Labs, DAL and Zefiro.