Mixing / Mastering Feedback on Surfrock Instrumental


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Hey guys,

I made a short song in the surfrock-genre. It should be relaxed, not overly perfected, a bit like a jamming session at a beach. Therefore the ambience noise ;)

View attachment 20200508 Surfrock.mp3
I am looking forward for your feedback. It is my first song, so be gentle with your feedback. Its not the tightest performance which fits for surfrock ;)

I just mixed the different instruments that it fit for me. Used only stock plugins from Cubase Elemental 10.5. or free plugins.
Drums: MT Drums with brickwall limiter, Synths: HALion with midi keyboard, Bass: fretless with DI and Compr, Guitars: DI with VST Amp Rack presets

EQ'd everything as it fitted for me as well. I dont know any specific rules for different instruments.

I boosted (Maximizer, DaTube) it a little bit so that it peaks around -0,1
No EQ on the master.

When I listened it with another reference song it sounded, that the sound it was not quite in the face as I wanted it to be.



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I like it! I think the mix is pretty good, although there are spots where the hi-hats seem to stick out too much. The drums are pretty clearly artificial in general, not sure if there's something you could do to make them sound a bit more natural. But the guitars and synths are done very nicely.