Mixing Board Spreadsheet Templates


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When it was that I visited Professional Studios, there was one thing that came to mind. The studio technician held a clipboard with a spreadsheet for organizing tracks on the mixer board.

I am looking for advanced software that might emulate this idea. Perhaps someone can direct me to a template or spreadsheet program that can/has created studio mixing board templates?

- MoevaL
Why not do it yourself? You know what sort of information you want to keep track of. I've seen Quattro Pro for Windows available for $39.
I use *Excel. I just make 8 columns wide enough for the page.(8 tracks) It's easy and you can come up with any size and Number of tracks. I used to draw them out
using graph paper in the old days.

You just need to know what instruments
are recorded on what track. I write in pan
settings and special notes like.."Pull back
vocal harmony at chorus"...etc. You can get fancy and draw EQ knobs and show
relative positions with a line.

Dom Franco